How to get the best results from subliminals

1- Get Rid of any possible clutter. If you have been listening to subliminals for a long time or just switched subliminals for others with the same topics many times, use a subliminal flush first. This will clean out the clutter caused by changing subliminals too often since that might be the reason why you're not getting results.


2- Get Rid of any blockages If you are completely new to subliminals, I recommend you using a subliminal to remove blockages every day for a week. Don't start off with many subliminals at once, try starting off only with 2-3 subliminals. After a while you can add a couple more. After that week you will only have to listen to a remove blockage subliminal once a week or use a booster that has affirmations for that included, which in my opinion is the better option since you will be removing blockages every day. Usually after 2 weeks- 3 months to notice small behavioral changes, although If you have a stubborn mind, you will probably take more time to see results, even one year if needed. There are subliminals to help with stubborn brains.


3- ALWAYS ask permission NEVER force your body. Some mistakes most people with more stubborn minds make is try forced subliminals. Forced subliminals are extremely unhealthy for both stubborn and more open minded people. You wouldn't like at all to be forced at something, so why force your body to do so? It might not cause you harm in the beginning but in long term your body will most likely end up turning against it, it might stop qorking and even give you very bad results. It is way nicer to ask your body to change instead, if you are nice to it, your body will end up saying yes later or earlier.


4- Quantity of subliminals Now, I earlier talked about how you should start with only 2-3 subliminal topics if you are new to subliminals. You do not have to follow this instruction, this is hust an advice because you still don't know how your body will react to it: if you will feel tired easily or if you have a stubborn brain. Now let me get this clear: "Get Rid of Acne" and "Become Extremely Beautiful", these are two different topics. It does not really matter if you listen each 6 times. When people say "i listen to 5 subliminals", they mean 5 topics, not 5 in total. And yes, "Become a K-pop Idol" from a subliminal channel and other "Become a K-pop Idol" from other subliminal channel will still be considered 2 different topics. Most people recommend you to not go over the 5-6 subliminal topics mark, I also ways recommend this, however you should know this isn't a rule you have to follow. The truth is that, there really isn't a limit, it all depends on your energy levels and your energy levels depend on things like age and health, belief and such. However most people can't really take more than 6 without feeling extremely tired. If you can take more and still get results fast you should go for it


5- Stay hydrated Drink lots of water before, while and after listening to subliminals. You are asking your subconscious to change your body on celullar level which takes a lot of energy from your body. If you don't drink enough water your body will get tired easier which will make it to change your body something more difficult to do since you won't have enough energy for it.

6- Rest and sleep well It's almost the same story as the water one. Your mind is always working even while you are asleep, although it is way more relaxed and rests, just like your body. That's why sleeping is so important, you're recharging your mind and body for the next day. It will have energy for subliminals and changes. Also, usually changes happen while you're sleeping, because that's when your subconscious mind is organizing everything that absorved during the day and that is also the reason why so many times you end up dreaming of your desired results, which is a sign that your subconscious got the message and is now going to be working for it. Not everyone gets this, so if you don't, do not worry, it will still work.

7- Eat well and healthy. Digestion does take a lot of energy, but it will produce more in recompensation, so it is always a win-win situation. Healthy food always gives you more energy than fast food and candies. You can also eat not so healthy food, you don't have to have the healthiest diet in this world since that would be a very difficult thing to do, but avoid eating that type of food as much as you can.


8- Be positive and have good self talk. If you keep saying to yourself "My skin is horrible" than I can guarantee you that it will keep being that way. You don't have to say "My skin is incredible" to yourself, subliminals do that work for you, but instead say "my skin is becoming incredible" in the sense that you know your skin condition is going to get better. This type of self talk is very positive for you and can speed up results. When you get any result say to yourself "Wow, my skin is looking...", then say how happy and how much you love your new skin, this way your subconscious will know that you like it and will be sure to keep working on your skin and also making the affirmations definitely permanent. Thanking for the change even if it hasn't happen yet, is a great way for the universe to recompensate you for your positive energies.


9- Mirrors. The old big bad mirrors, subliminal best friends and best enemies at the same time. If you are changing on physical levels, avoid looking in the mirror while listening to subliminals because it might confuse your brain. I would also avoid it for at least 1 hour/2 hours. There are people who can avoid the mirror for one whole week. Looking at the mirror everyday is not bad as long as you don't obsess over changes or constantly look for them. When there is any noticeable change, believe me, you will see it without neccessary looking for it.


10- Fake it until you make it Faking it until you is really powerful and works, but for it you will have to avoid the mirror if you are going for a physical change. If you're in the process of psychological change you won't have to worry about the mirror and actually it will be very good for you if you fake it while looking at yourself in the mirror and pretend you already are what you want to achieve, by acting. Even more if what you're going for is confidence.


11- Listen at low volume When you play subliminals at high volume it might be too audible to your conscious mind which could provoke it into trying to block the affirmations. If you end up hearing an affirmation when the music gets lower, don't worry about it, it's not a big deal, just try to concetrate in something else for the next time it happens.


12- Relax, do not be stressed Try to meditate and relax before or while listening to subliminals. You can also try to ask the universe to calm you down, I'm sure it won't deny you that.b


13- Try Listening while sleeping Listening while sleeping could be helpful for some people, since they do not think negative things while sleeping.

14- Try do not listen while sleeping I know, i know, you must confused on why I am contradicting myself. The truth is that sleeping while listening does not work for many people. I personally am not a big fan of listening to it while sleeping, I just have this idea that sleep is for your brain to relax and organize itself, not to put affirmations on it while it is organizing. Also while sleeping is when it should be working on changes and not on picking the affirmations up. Because if it is occupied to pick them up while sleeping then when will it be occupied to change? It is rare to change while awake because your body is not resting, and will demand more work for your subconscious.

15- Try not multitasking You can multitask, as long as it doesn't require much attention, some people get faster results when they aren't mulitasking.


16- Try multitasking Yes, I am contradicting myself once again. But I am suggesting this for people who tend to obsess much about subliminal results while listening while not multitasking, or when they start having negative thoughts. Multitasking can make them go away. Also this is a good thing to do if you get bored easily, if you get bored easily while listening to subliminal it could affect the progress.


17- Take Breaks Taking breaks between subliminals is not neccessary, but most people, specially more stubborn brained ones find taking breaks more efficiently for them.

18- Be consistent You have to be consistent with your playlist to see proper results. Try posting your subliminal routine somewhere, you will feel like you have to follow that since you post it. Also get a calendar and mark a "x" on each day that goes by, so if you think of changing your playlist, you will see how many days it has been and how you don't want to waste your time. (I took this one for someone else, however I do not know who, sorry). Try recompensating yourself. Tell yourself "if I keep being consistent with this playlist I will spoil myself as soon as I can". That will keep you motivated.

19- Listening Time People have the tendecy to say the longer you listen the better. This isn't true. Don't listen to a subliminal for 3 hours. One hour is ideal to give you good results. Why not 3 or 5 hours on each sublimina? Because you do not want to overwhelm your body. If you overwhelm it = no energy = no results Now take in mind that the one hour mark is not for everyone. If you feel one hour is too much or too less for you, then cut it down until what you feel is right. Everyone has different energy levels and cannot take the same time as others.

20- Do not rely only on subliminals. TAKE ACTION. If you are doing a body subliminal, work out. If you are trying to get flawless skin, get a skin care routine. If you are trying to become and actor, search for any script on google and act according to it. If you want to become a singer, practice, see videos on how to improve your singing. Doing this, you will be getting results faster because you will be doing 2 things to achieve your goals. Then, doing this will also stimulate your brain into wanting to change.

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