Happiness is Success

Happiness is Success

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    Most people believe that things make them happy. It isnít that these people consciously admit that shopping relieves stress, or that their possessions make them happy, and so forth. NoóItís more a matter of conditioning. That new car, those new shoes, that fancy wardrobe, perfumes and cologne, make-up, giant TV, and all those things we find to buy, unconsciously satisfy an urge for happiness but only momentarily. Once we own these things, theyíre not enough so we keep on consuming seeking happiness in our next toy, our next possession. When you choose happiness, success naturally follows. George Hand knew what happiness genuinely came down to when he stated, ìThere is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.î A loving attitude toward everything in life fertilizes the soil in which happiness thrives. Acceptance tills the soil of while gratitude seeds the happiness harvest. You deserve to be truly happy and it is your choice to accept this gift. Forgiveness removes the weeds that frantically try to invade the growth of happiness and you tend your garden when you help others in their own search for happiness, peace, balance and harmony. All of this begins in the mind. It is a skill set that can easily be developed once you commit to becoming your own gardener. Other people cannot make you happyóthis is a personal and private opportunity. While other people can add to your happiness, you must be ready to receive before you can give back, and the reciprocal process leads to the flowers of happiness in bloom. As the old saying goes, ìYou cannot pour from an empty cup!î Happiness is really a choice. You may not be responsible for the stimuli in your life, but you are responsible for how you respond. When you choose happiness, success naturally follows. Why wait?


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