Wealth, Money, & Prosperity

Wealth, Money, & Prosperity

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In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill spells out the secret to wealth.


    In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill spells out the secret to wealth. The secret: People have the ability to control their mind. This is the only real control they do have but it is also the most important. Imagine the good you can do if money was not a problem. Everything begins in the mind. All processes, procedures, acts, choices, actions, and so forth, are ultimately under the power of your own mind. Indeed, your every expectation is but a program scripted in your own mind and research clearly shows that in general, what you expect is what you get. If you doubt yourself, you failóif you try at all. If youíre afraid of success or harbor a fear of failure, your expectation becomes your self-fulfilling prophecy. Og Mandino informs us that, ìYour only limitations are those you set up in your mind or permit others to set up for you.î He continues with this admonishment, ìFailure will never overtake me if my determination is strong enough.î Mandino is heralded by many as the greatest success teacher of all time and his books have sold over 50 million copies. Understanding fundamentals as a priority as those offered by the likes of Hill and Mandino is one thingóbut how does one overcome all that negative no-donít self-doubt thinking that cripples so many when it comes to mastering their dreams and ambitions? The answer is InnerTalk. Why? Because Magic 8 changes the way you talk to yourself and voila, from the inside out you begin to truly believe in yourself. This audio file was created using the knowledge that people down through history have accumulated in their path to riches. Every program in the set contains important elements necessary to achieving the riches you desire and to do so in ways that honor you and everyone you interact with. Some people believe riches are evil and further, that the rich can never enter the kingdom we know as heaven. This is the language of those too fearful to become rich. Imagine the good you can do if money was not a problem. Think about all the good that men like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have accomplished. If you doubt your abilities to succeed, then remember this quote by Bill Gates, ìIf you are born poor itís not your mistake, but if you die poor itís your mistake.î Donít wait any longer to begin to create your own destiny. Act now! Wealth, Money, and Prosperity subliminal audio file is easy to use and gets results. Set the stage and create the appropriate conditions for financial abundance to flourish in your life. What exactly are these conditions? They are different for everyone depending on environment, individual talents and resources. Evaluate, daydream and research. Know that success is possible; any number of examples is available. Stop feeling defeated by life and you can rise above adversity. Success always starts within. You may be struggle now financially because you are not enough bold to think like a person that is financially independent. To make money you need money, but sometimes all you need is a good idea and a lot of courage. If you lose once do not give up- losing is not an option. Every failure should make you stronger and wiser. Few people were born with golden spoon most of the modern people had a great idea and a dream that they followed. Being wise with your investments, throw yourself in business world, risk is necessary some times, but if you are a cautious one, you can take steps to protect yourself. Financial abundance doesnít come from winning at lottery- there are few people that win this way- financial abundance comes from hard work and management of your own money. Begin to believe with this subliminal audio. Play it often to complete the transformation! This subliminal will not make you rich overnight nor will offer you a job as CEO for Google- but it will open new brain pathways ñ and you will know what to do when the time comes.


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