Weight Loss

Weight Loss

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    Stress makes us fat and how mindfulness meditation fixes it! Stress is a fact of life. We all know this, but it goes much further. In addition to making our heart race, stomach swirl, and underarms sweat, stress can also make the number on the scale go up. Real high. To the sky. Whether it's losing our job, going through a bad breakup, or moving to a new city, many of us have witnessed the "bumpiness" in our life affecting the "plumpiness" of our physique. The problem is that while we live in modern cities free of mastodons and woolly mammoths, our job, relationship, and money worries are still triggering our "caveman" primal fear instincts many times every day. While our "fight-or-flight" stress response was designed to keep "organic-free-range-human" off the local saber tooth tiger's weekend brunch menu, we modern day humans have inadvertently tricked our bodies into being stuck in survival mode 24/7/365... And it's making us super fat. Luckily, there is a solution: Study: Meditation Squeezes Cortisol From Our Cells Like A Dirty Dish Sponge how reducing cortisol speeds up weight loss. In 2013 University of California-Davis researchers found that meditation cuts cortisol levels by more than half! For those of us wishing to be lighter on our feet, dramatically reducing our stress hormones relaxes our body, quiets our mind, cools off our overheated amygdala, and helicopter rescues us from the fat gain vortex. By reminding our physiology that a "store blubber now or soon perish", meditation lets our body's built in fat burning furnace do it's job. Achieve ideal weight, lose weight and fit again in your perfect size dress, get rid of unwanted fat, respect your diet, eat clean and drink lots of water, and this subliminal will empower and fortify your ambitions to lose weight. Your appetite should decrease gradually and your mind creates a new set of thoughts that will stop cravings. You will get rid of all addictive foods in your house and start eating healthy. ìLose Weight.î It sounds so simple when you put it like that. Heck, it was easy to gain! In order to actually lose the weight, you must consciously and unconsciously desire to lose it- because your subconscious mind is mostly the boss in this area. Cravings and behaviors are born and flourish in this invisible domain. Losing weight after a certain age is almost impossible, and this CD might not help you as you wish because is not a magic pill. However if you have your mind set up and you want to start dieting our subliminal CD will indeed help you lose weight. Our brain is the one that gives orders to the entire body- ìYou hold water nowî- ìYou store that fat now!îî I want you to have the metabolism of the snailî. I am sure that this is what your brain does to you- sabotage you as much as it can. But if you teach your brain new tricks you might give up on candy and soda, improve your metabolism and lose weight. Exercise is not important on losing weight, it is important in strengthening your body- because once your skeleton was kept by pounds of fat and if you lose them you need muscle to sustain that big bones of yours. If you are trying to lose weight, you surely know how difficult and tricky it can be. It is not very easy to lose the pounds when you have been binge eating for all these years or never really paid much attention to your diet. Or maybe you are trying to follow a diet regime, but you are failing miserably every time. And with that, you are failing to lose your weight too. Are you finding it difficult to lose weight no matter how hard you try? Are you failing to keep up with the diet regime that can actually help you lose your weight? Are you planning to follow the diet or do exercise but somehow you cannot do that? Are you lacking the motivation to lose weight? Is it really difficult for you to resist food, especially those that will easily add up to your weight? In any case, if your answer is yes to any of these questions, you might want to give our subliminals a try. Visualize your way to losing weight without any drastic steps or risks to your health. How Can Subliminal Messages Help You Lose Weight The urge or binge eating, the temptation for food of the fact that weight can actually harm you in many ways, most of these feelings reside in our conscious level of thinking. When you listen to subliminal messages regularly, it snaps across the barrier of conscious thoughts and directly penetrates to our subconscious mind. You will have complete clarity and that is the difference that makes you realize how necessary it is to lose your weight.


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